Bet Picks

On this page you will find a list of the current tracked bet picks from Newsome. All of these bets will detail which fighter has been bet, the recorded odds and a brief breakdown of the fight.

As mentioned before I am third party tracked and verified at so to profit long term in the MMA betting game, I have to be extremely confident in any bets that I have placed. This journey started for me in April 2017 & there have been a lot of learning curves, but I believe that I am now on the right path to success. To view my live tracking record, click the banner below.

UFC Hamburg: Meek v Fabinski

Straight bet: Bartosz Fabinski // 3u @ +185 (37/20)

Fabinski wastes no time closing the distance on his opponents with only 1 intention, to rag them down to the mat. He can be a little inactive on top but when the referee stands them up, he walks forward & dumps his opponent straight back down. He can do this for 3 rounds if he needs to. He used to fight at Middleweight & was throwing the 185’ers around too. Now down at Welterweight he will have a significant size & strength advantage which aides his game perfectly. On the feet, Fabinski has a nice jab that he works well to dictate the pace if he needs to. But, in this fight, the better striker is Meek. If this fight stays vertical, I honestly see no other outcome apart from a Meek win. But, I don’t see this staying vertical. Meek has shown tendencies to give up resistance quite quickly when defending TD’s & opting to try & wrap up guillotines. This is a slight worry for me because Fabinski doesn’t always tuck his head in when he shoots his TD’s but with that said, although it is possible, I don’t see a guillotine finish. Ultimately, I think Fabinski will be too strong & too aggressive in the cage, he will score TD’s, he will wear Meek down with his heavy top game & he will waste time on the clock grinding on Meek in advantageous positions to win on the scorecards.

UFC Hamburg: Ledet v Rakic

Straight bet: Aleksandar Rakic // 3u @ +138 (11/8)

Ledet is moving down from Heavyweight. He was never a huge Heavyweight anyway but it did mean that he usually had a speed advantage. This won’t be the case here though as I think Rakic will have the slight speed advantage. Ledet possesses a solid jab which he works a lot. He also has a nice jab to lead hook which he works well too. This tends to be where he has the most success in his fights & I feel that, with the right gameplan, this can be nullified. Rakic has great striking, throwing a variety of punches & combinations whilst moving forward. He also mixes in solid leg kicks which is ultimately where I think he will break Ledet down. Ledet has a wide stance & his lead leg is very susceptible to be hit. I think Rakic & ATT will have a gameplan to make sure they do break Ledet down whilst disguising the kicks well in combinations. When I was with Rakic in February, he spoke to me about his ground game & that he has some surprises on the mat for when he needs to use it. I’m not going to reveal those secrets but if the fight does hit the mat, I am not worried there either. Ultimately, I think if Rakic can wear Ledet down with leg kicks & pressure moving forward then he will get the stoppage later in the fight. If Ledet does show durability & resistance, I think Rakic will score a decision victory with volume, aggression & pressure.