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Color Commentary

If you are the President, Owner, CEO (or equivalent) of an MMA Promotion it is important to consider how you will make the fights at your events available and accessible to the public who could not be live in attendance. There are many reasons that some people cannot make it to live events and hopefully the main reason will be that the event is sold out. But those fans still want to see their favourite fighter or their local fighter fight inside the cage. A lot of MMA Promotions have their own way of making the fights available on the internet. Some live stream and some record, edit and post to social channels a day or two after the event. But to make the fight even more watchable and entertaining, having a commentary team to talk about the fight as it is happening is an extremely professional way of doing this. It also helps a friend or family member who doesn’t fully understand some aspects of Mixed Martial Arts (such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) to then understand what is happening wherever the fight goes.

Here at Newsome MMA, we have multiple commentators that can travel to your events to give that edge of professionalism whilst fans are watching the fights on your fight-card. We can offer everything in the list below maximise this professionalism:
– Play-by-play commentary (1-3 person commentary booth)
– Play-by-play color commentary (1-3 person commentary booth)
– A short in-cage interview with the winning fighter
– Short backstage interviews with winning fighters (for the purpose of your promotion, not Newsome MMA)

If you are interested in bringing a commentator or a commentary team to your event, please use the contact form on this page for an initial enquiry.

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