ATHLETE.CO – With Aleksandar Rakic

‘If you don’t have a program before you walk into the gym, you lose.’
Richard Staudner – Performance Coach to UFC athlete and future champion, Aleksandar Rakic.

ATHLETE.CO launches September 2019

London, September 19th,2019
ATHLETE.CO captures and delivers the training programs of world class athletes for people looking to take their training to completely new levels. We deep dive into the training programs of our athletes, working with their performance team to uncover every detail. This level of authenticity enables customers to not just see but also do as the professionals do.

Welcome to your new personal best –

Graham Barber – with a passion for fitness and combat sports, injuries led Graham to working with an exceptional coach and embarking on a life changing training program that inspired ATHLETE.CO.

How it works
Customers sign up and download the app for free on Android or iOS. The first professional athlete on our platform is #10 UFC Light Heavyweight contender Aleksandar Rakic. We are partners and not just sponsors with Aleks, his performance coach and management team – this enables us ‘access all areas.’

We have gone to great lengths to deep dive into the training program of one of the hottest UFC athletes on the planet, we have filmed and documented his program and we deliver this to our customers via our app.

What does the customer get?
Customers get 18 weeks of training, 54 training sessions over three distinct phases. They are able to customise the app to their individual goals, they can then track their progression towards these goals and get the important improvements in performance they are seeking. Customers will set new personal bests if they follow this program.

People can train alongside Aleksandar – video coaching with Aleks and Richard includes essential technique instruction. Production quality is high, no stone is left unturned. The app connects with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and Myzone.

Limited time launch offer – 7-day free trial followed by three subscription payments of £19.99.
Our product is ideal for three customer segments:

1. Everyday athletes – executives that work full time but train with intensity and are looking for new levels of performance. They are athletic almost every day.

2. Amateur athletes and young professional athletes that want to learn from the most exciting, experienced professionals in their sport – improve their performance and their chances of making it as a professional.

3. Aspiring coaches that want to learn from the best in the business. They want to learn and improve, to be better at what they do and get access to the greatest coaching minds on the planet.

Our customers want to train like professionals. Generic, unproven training programs from unknown sources are not enough. They want results and are seeking new levels of performance. They respect elite athletes and coaches, they want to emulate their heroes.

The 5-year vision is 50 of the world’s most incredible athletes on the platform across multiple disciplines. Think of us as ‘Masterclass’ with the world’s most incredible athletes and coaches.

‘People do what the professionals do’
Sir Bradley Wiggins