Concussion Pro 1 Overview Podcast: The Brains Behind Concussion Pro 1

This is a special podcast episode focusing on Concussion Pro 1 – The Pinnacle of Daily Neuro-Protective Nutrition. Host Adam Newsome talks to the two of the brains behind the creation of the brain health supplement, Matt Roberts and Jamie Carruthers.

The topics covered in this podcast are:
– Potential flagging on a USADA or WADA drugs test
– What is Concussion Pro 1
– Why has Concussion Pro 1 been developed
– Concussion still being a grey area
– Long term damages that concussion can cause
– Can Concussion Pro 1 provide a better quality of life
– Short term benefits of Concussion Pro 1
– Sports recommended for Concussion Pro 1 use
– How often should Concussion Pro 1 be consumed
– How to consume Concussion Pro 1
– How soon will the short term effects be noticeable
– What short term effects will be noticeable first
– Concussion Pro 1 ingredients: Testing and Documentation
– Concussion Pro 1 competitors
– Final messages

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