Made4TheCage 27: Vendetta Recap on Newsome MMA

This event was truly entertaining from start to finish. The night of fights had everything; brutal knockouts, slick submissions, absolute wars, carnage & bloodbaths.

I have chosen to recap this event by dissecting the featured Fight Of The Night along with providing the official Newsome MMA Performance Awards and giving a list of the results from the card too.

Featured Fight: Kennedy ‘The Machine 2.0’ Freeman vs Flore Hani

Freeman was absolutely dominant inside the cage and this reflected on the judges scorecards as she took every round on all the judges’ scorecards winning a 30-27 unanimous decision victory. However, the fight wasn’t as smooth as it sounds with many points of controversy to talk about.

In the very first round, Freeman and Hani met in the middle of the cage to start trading some strikes, looking like both were in a slight feeling out process. Hani started to engage in the clinch and pushing Freeman’s back against the cage. Freeman’s back on the cage was very short lived though as each time Hani pushed her back, Freeman got her underhooks in perfectly to turn Hani and started to land short punches & knees to really wear Hani down. This was pretty much the story of the first round with Kennedy clearly winning due to pressure, control & accumulation of strikes.

The second round started very similar to how the first round ended with both fighters again heading into the clinch. However, Freeman was still dictating this fight and it appeared she had had enough of the clinch and wanted to go to war. She was breaking free of the clinch instead of turning Hani and started to exchange in the pocket. Freeman slowly started getting the better of these exchanges and really looked like she had Hani’s timing down perfectly. This was made even more apparent as Freeman hit Hani clean with a short left hook which dropped her hard on the mat. Freeman applied more pressure looking for the finish but credit to Hani as she hung in there, recovered well and stood back up to start engaging in the clinch again. This is where things really got ugly as Hani threw an illegal knee which was way too low that hit Freeman in the groin which obviously left her hurt on the mat. Freeman recovered and carried on fighting. But not long after the low-blow, Hani delivered another one. Once again, leaving Freeman hurt on the mat. Hani and her corner were protesting their innocence that it wasn’t low but the referee clearly saw it, Freeman’s corner saw it and Freeman’s actions spoke louder than words. However, Freeman resumed and continued to dominate to take round 2 on the judges scorecards.

Round 3 started, again, in a similar fashion with a mixture of striking and clinch work from both fighters. Hani was landing on Freeman but it was Freeman that looked comfortable in the cage and was simply landing more volume. Hani then resorted to engaging in the clinch against the cage again but Freeman continued to demonstrate that she was the more physically stronger fighter. Hani then looked to deliver another low-blow in the clinch from a wayward knee. Hani was apologetic at this point saying that she was sorry and there were no wrongful intentions in the shots. At this point Kennedy was clearly hurt and really struggling. But she got back to her feet and once again continued to follow her gameplan to a tee. Freeman hit Hani with another huge shot, but this one was eaten tremendously by Hani as she only slightly stumbled. But recognising that she couldn’t eat many more of these, as Freeman was really piling on the pressure, Hani began to clinch up again. Freeman’s corner then got the attention of everybody in attendance as her Dad, Ian Freeman, really started to get fired up after spotting more low-blows from Hani that the referee didn’t see. Kennedy wasn’t reacting too much at this point as she was clearly fighting through the adversity with adrenaline very likely playing a key role in this too. Freeman, again, clearly won round 3 and as the final bell rung, Freeman hobbled over to her corner and collapsed on the mat totally in pain where she received treatment, had to be held up for the decision to be announced and then was carried backstage by her Dad.

I spoke with Freeman after the fight and managed to get a short interview with her backstage after she had received medical attention. Off-air though, I asked her about the low-blows and how many she was hit with.

Freeman responded: “Too many, and it’s horrible because I was hit with a hard low-blow in my last fight too.”

Freeman also went on to say: “People think I’m actually limping because of the low-blows, but I’m not, my hip popped out in the first round and just got worse throughout the fight”

Watch the short post-fight interview with Kennedy Freeman below:


Newsome MMA Fight Of The Night:

Cameron Hardy vs Bailey Gilbert

Newsome MMA Knockout Of The Night:

Tony Mustard via TKO (Body Kick & Punches)

Newsome MMA Submission Of The Night:

Lanchana Green via Armbar

Full Card Results:

Ivica Truscek def. Colin Fletcher – Submission (Guillotine) at 1:20 of Round 2
Tony Mustard def. Thomas Denham – TKO at 4:12 of Round 1
Luke Ord def. Harry Hardwick – Split Decision
Lanchana Green def. Bryony Tyrell – Submission (Armbar) at 4:40 of Round 1
Kennedy Freeman def. Flore Hani – Unanimous Decision
Lewis Garside def. Andy Nunn – TKO at 0:49 of Round 1
Cameron Hardy def. Bailey Gilbert – Unanimous Decision
Michael Hodgson def. Harrison Hillier – Submission (Front choke) at 2:21 of Round 2
Norm Russell def. Jack Rolinski – TKO at 0:00 of Round 2
Will Harrison def. Lee Ferguson – TKO at 1:52 of Round 2
Ashlee Harding def. Macauley Gascoigne – Submission (Rear Naked choke) at 2:00 of Round 1
Mark Ross def. Joe Seager – Submission (Rear Naked choke) at 2:59 of Round 3
Will Brown def. Robert Wolfe – Submission (Rear Naked choke) at 1:56 of Round 1
Jack Hardy def. Jack Taylor – TKO at 0:58 of Round 1
Aaron Price def. Todd Milne – TKO at 1:32 of Round 1
Tyler Mackenzie def. Jake Ellison – Split Decision

Article written by Adam Newsome – Newsome MMA

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