NEWS: MMAPlay365 join forces with Sporta

Today marks a very big day in the world of handicapping in Mixed Martial Arts as the MMA betting advice platform MMAPlay365 join forces to partner with the sports AI technology company, Sporta.

MMAPlay365 was founded in July of 2019. With a very successful professional MMA handicapper within the business it has allowed MMAPlay365 to flourish within the first seven months as a business. There are two key factors that have made MMAPlay365 successful in the short time that they have been trading. Firstly, MMAPlay365’s handicapper has been 3rd party tracked and verified for three years and has profited each year. The longevity of this record, placing bets and creating winning strategies for every single UFC event over the last three years is proof that a winning formula along with gaining an edge over the bookies is something that can make people a lot of money. Secondly, the platform itself does not just target and/or concentrate on people who are playing the ‘long game’ and looking to beat the bookies over a long period of time. They recognised that the market for people who just want to have a fun ‘punt’ to add to the excitement and intensity of the fight nights is extremely vast. These types of bettors understand that their accumulators are less likely to win due to the added risk but because of the added risk, they can keep their spending of bets really small along with winning big when the accumulators do come in.

The growth of MMAPlay365 has been astonishing when you consider that the business is only seven months old. One of the earliest visions for MMAPlay365 was to explore the world of predictive AI technology to measure the additional success it could bring to the platform. Bringing a successful MMA handicapper onboard with world leading AI technology is an exciting development with a lot of potential to really change the world of MMA betting.

Sporta is a self-learning AI system that is able to make data driven predictions for MMA competitions. They use a deep learning algorithm on the extracted data to make an accurate prediction about the event outcome. Sporta has achieved a very high success rate in its predictions. Sporta uses a proprietary data extraction method from video using a computer vision algorithm. The platform analyzes video and multiple data sources providing insights before and during the fight. They developed an action detection algorithm that is already proven in MMA analysis. It detects specific actions like jab, cross, hook, kicks etc. They measure the speed, angles, series complexity, collision, and stamina. Using this unique data they can predict who will win a specific fight. This will increase as they train the system on more fights.

Sporta has already partnered with major organisations in other sports and now they’ve announced an initial partnership with MMAPlay365 for their MMA AI technologies.

The partnership with MMAPlay365 and Sporta will begin in January 2020 as they build up to the Conor McGregor fight card at UFC 246. There will be four brand new packages on the MMAPlay365 website ( which will include the AI predictions.

This is exciting news for the MMA fans around the world that like to bet on the sport.

Article written by Jon Prentice – Newsome MMA

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