This is the End of Yoel ‘What’s My Age Again’ Romero

When fighter hits his late 30s they usually seem to fall off a cliff performance wise. We’ve seen it time and time again when a legend we have seen dominate the sport for so long suddenly steps into the cage and look like a shadow of himself. Yoel Romero is not one of these fighters.

The ‘Cuban Muscle Crisis’ is now 40 years old, however no one believes that is his real age, and the guy has yet to show signs of slowing down. Up until his decision loss to Robert Whittaker, Romero has continued to take souls from other elite fighters in the Middleweight division, none of which has been as horrific as his flying knee KO of Chris Weidman. But surely even the freak of nature of himself has got to show signs of slowing at some point.

This weekend Yoel Romero takes on former champion Luke Rockhold for the interim Middleweight belt despite coming into the bout on a loss. Rockhold, while having the chin that could rival Big Foot’s, is widely regarded as one the best mixed martial artists on the planet. If Yoel isn’t anywhere near his best this could be a very long night for him and subsequently put an end to any hopes Yoel ever had of being UFC Champion.

Luke Rockhold will shatter Cuban Superman’s dreams this week and use his A+++ level top game to butcher Yoel Romero who will come out from this fight looking a bloody and beaten mess. From there it will sadly be a series of pity match-ups, early KOs & Bellator HW Grand Prix’s…

UFC 221 will be a front runner for event of the year

I don’t know if you have heard but apparently UFC 221 is a really terrible card and no one is going to buy it. Pretty sure every MMA podcast or twitter journalist has said this at least once since Bobby Knuckles pulled out of the main event with an injury. While they are spot on about this card from a ‘draw’ perspective, this couldn’t be further from the truth from a ‘fight quality’ one.

Rockhold vs Romero may feel a bit of a consolation prize considering we were supposed to get Whittaker vs Rockhold but that doesn’t stop it from being an ultra-elite fight. It may not have quite the excitement as this fight would have had two years ago and an interim belt is only tacked on to make it feel more than a free TV event main event, but that’s beside the point. At the end of the day if Romero beat Whittaker last year for the title and he was facing Rockhold for the real belt everyone would be losing their minds right now.

Aside from the big fight, you have a number of potential banger match-ups between Ben ’10’ & Formiga, Volkanovski & Kennedy and possible FOTY contender Damien Brown vs Dong Hyun ‘The Other One’ Kim. Top that off with ‘Flying Knee Debut’ Tai Tuivasa, the ghost of Mark Hunt and the debut of ‘The Style Bender’ this card has strong potential to be the first ‘great’ UFC event of the year…

Zero Hometown fighters will win at UFC 221

Now this is a pretty Hot Take but the UFC haven’t been very favourable with a lot of the hometown fighter’s opponents. A lot of them are fighting dangerous debutants, hot prospects, tough gatekeepers or Cyril Asker (I suppose…) and it looks to be a bad day for the Oceanic crew. Let’s not forget that before the emergence of Robert Whittaker as the best MW on the planet that Austalian & New Zealand MMA was considered a bit of joke.

Currently you can get a tasty +27500 on all 9 fighters to lose their bouts which as you know with my ‘Hot Take Bets’ are *always FREE MONEY! Mark Hunt, Tai Tuivasa, Jake Matthews, Tyson Pedro, Damien Brown, Rob Wilkinson, Alexander Volkanovski and Luke Jumeau won’t need to travel very far home carrying their L’s.

Where is ‘Dad Bod God’ Dan Kelly to save the night and cash those +money tickets?

*Definitely not always.