If you aren’t completely worn out from the NFL divisional round games this weekend then the UFC has lined up a rare Sunday night treat for us fight fans. A card which features a number of real exciting match ups, if completely meaningless to any division’s title picture, and four (YES FOUR) women’s fights. So, with a card this irrelevant it seems like the perfect time for myself to ‘spice’ up this event with my always interesting (and nearly always wrong) ‘Hot Takes’!

Paige VanZant & Jessica Eye both get wins!

When it comes to betting on MMA there is nothing a fight fan enjoys putting their money on more than fading the ‘attractive hyped female fighter’ and a lot of the time it cashes. PVZ and, to some extent, Jessica Eye both fall into this category as fighters who are hotter than they are skilled at fighting. However, if you are sitting there rubbing your hands eager to place your hard-earned dollar on their opponents then buyer beware because tonight may not be the night.

PVZ & Eye are both natural 125lb competitors who have been making the cut down to the 115lb division since they joined the UFC because the FLW division simply didn’t exist yet. Both of their match-ups this Sunday night take place at the newly created 125lb division and will allow them to, hopefully, compete to the best of their abilities.

Combine this with the quality of their opponents, who are far below the UFC standard (even more so than PVZ & Eye themselves), and you have a really good opportunity for both women to get back on track.

PVZ + Jessica Eye both to win @ +300 (FREE MONEY!!!)

UFC St Louis will do all-time low TV numbers

As a fan of people getting punched in the face and not someone who has money invested in it, I couldn’t give a f*ck about how the UFC does viewer wise. The number has slowly been creeping down over the past year or so with the introduction of DVR, Fight Pass & the illegal streamers but I can see Sunday being an all-time low.

With zero recognisable names, apart from PVZ, for the casual fight fan, four women bouts and the fact that it starts after back to back NFL playoff games this card has ‘ratings disaster’ written all over it. This card will do record low ratings and will result in Dana White coming out with the usual lies as to why the people who release these ratings are frauds… Never change Dana.

Kamaru Usman ENDS Emil Meek and will go on to be ‘Fighter of the Year 2018’

While predicting that a –600 favourite to win isn’t much of a ‘hot take’, I do believe that his victory on Sunday will kick off ‘The Year of Usman’ in the UFC. Everyone who tunes in this weekend will witness a ‘Khabib’ like performance from the Nigerian that will result in a late finish or a wiiide decision victory over Meek.

This will then lead to another dominant performance over a top contender like Covington or Ponzinibbio (but hopefully Covington) in late Spring before rounding off the year with a victory in a #1 contender’s bout. Kamaru Usman is the real deal and I bet the UFC brass are licking their chops at the possibility of UFC Africa in 2019 headlined by N’Gannou & Usman title defences.

The 170lb division is Kamaru Usman’s world and everyone in it is lucky not to have gotten a fight contract with his name on it.