Exclusive Interview: Dakota Ditcheva talks the UKMMAF the transition to MMA and much more.

The Heavy Duty rising Amateur MMA star Dakota Ditcheva talks to Newsome MMA about her MMA career so far, her MMA debut, the transition from Muay Thai to MMA, the route she’s taking via the UKMMAF and her upcoming fight on May 25th.

Dakota Ditcheva has a very strong Muay Thai background and has combat sports in her blood as her Mother, Lisa Howarth is a Kickboxing and Muay Thai veteran. Dakota is transitioning to MMA with the help of Aspire Combat Sports Academy in Liverpool and is looking to be the future of Women’s MMA

Dakota is also going to be the face of the brand new Athlete app, Athlete.co. Keep your eyes out for the launch of that app.

You can watch the full interview above.