ANNOUNCEMENT: Mick Stanton Fights for the Middleweight Championship at Cage Warriors 96

Heavy Duty fighter Mick Stanton earns himself a shot at the Cage Warriors Middleweight Championship at the Echo Arena, Liverpool on 1st September 2018.

Stanton was due to fight Mush Aslani in Liverpool but he ended up absolutely devastated after hearing Aslani had been pulled from the fight due to medical reasons. Distraught that he had spent time away from his family and put in a solid fight camp, Stanton decided to still make weight in the hope of a replacement. However, it was confirmed by Cage Warriors that no replacement could be found and that he was ultimately off the card.

This was until Lee Chadwick was pulled from his Middleweight Title fight against Jonas Billstein. After a crazy turn of events, Stanton got the call-up from Cage Warriors to arrange the title fight with Billstein. Do not sleep on this fight, it is going to be a barn burner with an electric atmosphere inside the Echo Arena.

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