Coner “The Hand Grenade” Hignett weighs in on the money

It has been a very entertaining build up this week for the EFC 67 fight between Coner Hignett and Bokang Masunyane. Both fighters were back and forth on social media in the build up to fight week providing anticipation for when they finally met face to face.

This did not disappoint. With Bokang taunting Coner with ‘childish’ facial gestures, this infuriated Coner who wanted to fight him there and then. The pair of fighters then had to be split up by the staff at EFC.

Today was the day of the weigh in & the great news from the Heavy Duty Fight Management team is that Coner Hignett has weighed in absolutely on the money.

Make no mistake about it, this fight is going to be electric & the lad from Liverpool is fired up ready to knock Bokang Masunyane out!

You can watch this event live on the EFC website ( – tune in at around 7pm (UK time) / 9pm (South Africa time) to make sure you do not miss this fight!