HD Fight Management Test UFC Athlete Aleksandar Rakic In Ground Breaking Process

Heavy Duty Fight Management & Prima Solutions Diagnostics have finished a rigorous programme of Blood Testing with our athletes & will now roll out the process exclusive to our roster of HD athletes as we look to continue our research & development into the weight cutting process based around understanding our individual athletes blood Bio Markers.

Our experts in the field of nutrition & sports science Jamie Carruthers & Matt Roberts who form part of HD’s Fight Management Team will be working with our athletes in what we believe is the most important part of any athletes fight camp.

This short video shows HD & UFC athlete Aleksandar Rakic having the blood testing performed on his recent visit to the UK with his Nutrition expert Richard Staudner who HD work closely with over in Vienna, Austria.

The case studies undertaken by the team have shown a huge variation in the various athlete blood bio markers & the information we have found will help us get every one of our athletes into the best physical shape of their careers.

Over the next few years, the data we will have on each of our athletes will allow us the opportunity to make weight cutting a simple process & one which will ensure our athletes get the weight down correctly but also rehydrate to ensure they are performing to their maximum potential in competition.

We are extremely excited about what we are doing & the investment into our athletes will leave nothing to chance.