Heavy Duty Fight Management Athlete Programme

Heavy Duty Fight Management are pleased to announce over the coming 3 months they will be starting the roll out of their athlete programme for the remainder of 2018.

This programme is designed to enhance & compliment the training & development already in place for their athletes with their respective coaching teams & our gym partners.

What does this mean?

Each athlete will receive the following –

* Blood testing: They will be testing their athletes 3 – 4 times per year via our unique performance testing programme using each athletes individual blood bio markers to identify deficiencies within their bodies.

* Corrective Expert Advice: Unrivalled support from their team of experts designed to correct any deficiencies identified through food, exercise & supplementation.

* HD Nutrition: Their range of supplements are designed specifically for diet & weight cutting. Each athlete will receive their required supplements for each fight camp. HD are the only supplement company to carry the UKMMAF stamp of approval for our products. Their elite athletes will also receive the best products in the market for the final week of the cut & the important rehydration process post weigh in.

* Expert Nutritional & Weight Cutting Support: Their team of experts will work closely with all their athletes during their fight camp & give the very best advice available for every fight camp & every weight cut. Leaving nothing to chance.

*Concussion Pro1: Launching soon, this is a potential game changer in the supplement market in dealing with the pre & post effects of concussion. As an HD signed athlete you will receive this product each month to assist you in your training & competition. Watch out for the launch….. Coming soon.

* Brand Building & Individual Athlete Apparel: As an HD athlete you have the opportunity to develop & design your own range of walk out t/shirts & fight shorts with each athlete having their very own logo designed for each piece of apparel produced.

*Social Media Support: HD will support each athlete via their social media channels, helping to build each athlete not only as a fighter but also as a brand to increase their following & become more attractive to potential sponsors.

*Sponsorship: Their aim is to attract both individual & team sponsorship via their network of corporate connections. This is an area that will receive increased focus late 2018 & into 2019.

* Contract Negotiation: As a company they deal with every major mixed martial arts promotion & in doing so are in a unique position to broker great financial contracts for their athletes.

If you are an elite mixed martial artist & feel you are ready for the big stage get in touch. HD will make a difference to your career path & give you the support you need to realise your dream.

Come & join the family. Check Heavy Duty out via the following link:


They will continue to grow & become a dominant force in the management of our athletes.