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MMA Betting

The official betting associate of Newsome MMA is mmaplay365. mmaplay365 is a betting advice platform that is unique and has a phenomenal team behind it. With five years of MMA betting experience and a three year tracked winning record from the professional gambler who works at mmaplay365, you can be assured that you will be receiving world-leading betting advice every UFC event throughout every year.

At mmaplay365, each subscriber will get three available advice sections. You will get recommended bets for those who play the long term game with gambling in MMA, you will get a fun gamblers section containing advice for those who just want to have some fun bets in play whilst they are watching the event and finally you will receive the official tracked bets from our professional gambler at mmaplay365. All three sections are under each subscription so you never have to choose what type of gambler you are.

You have three subscription options at mmaplay365. You can pay per event at $19.99, you can subscribe monthly at $29.99 (this can be cancelled at any time) or you can pay per year at a discounted rate. The current offer at mmaplay365 is $198.00 for your first year (normally $299.99). You can find out more below, or by visiting the mmaplay365 website.